Create Your Wellness Profile on Chayah Club

One week before your Daniel Fast, your planning process starts with your Prep and Plan by preparing yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Enroll in The Daniel Fast: Closing the GAP Masterclass & Club to assess the online resources and coaching. Join The Daniel Fast Tribe in Chayah Club for engagement and asking questions about fasting, researching and selecting plant-based recipes, developing your meal plan, creating your shopping list, and buying healthy plant-based foods for the Daniel Fast. Share your recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and menus in The Daniel Diet Café in Chayah Club. On or before Day 1, you must create your Wellness Profile. Like Daniel, you can start by telling your story, what has the devil taken into captivity? You can't manage and transform what you don't measure and reinforce. So, you must self-reflect and become self-aware of your current situation, needs, and desires. You are responsible for conducting a Self-Assessment of your current state, which helps compare the before and after progress post-assessment. You will complete self-diagnostics:

    Pre-assessment on Day 1.
    Post-assessment after your 21 Days fasting duration or 40-Days fasting duration.
Chayah Profile: My Wellness Tab

Create your wellness profile in a separate tab on your Chayah Club user profile or in your journal.

Assessment Date
    Pre-assessment (Day 1)?
    Post-assessment (after Day 21 or Day 40 fasting and prayer)?